Monday, 7 December 2009

Merlin - Mis-en-scene

Wooden textures and stone walls are used throughout the clip, this could connote medieval times because castles are usually stone built with lots of wood and stone inside. Lots of armour and swords and shields can be seen throughout signifying battle and action, this also shows its set in medieval times as these are old weapons. The main lady's servant is black, a link to representation of ethnicity, the fact that the servant is black, around those times black people were seen as lower class and were used for servants. She wears no makeup and her clothes are not as grand as the main lady's, again signifying her lack of wealth and status within the story.
Candles and tapestrys on the walls fill the rooms, this connotes medieval times as there is no electricity, and tapestrys were a main form of art and represent wealth. The main lady or 'princess' is brown haired, perhaps a countertype compared to the usual 'blond haired blue eyed' figure. However she wears red lipstick, signifying love/lust toward the Knight Valient who she flirts with, the lipstick being red could also signify she is sexually aware and is consious of how she looks to the opposite sex. This represents the female gender as being very aware on their appearance and constantly looking for love and romance.

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