Monday, 7 December 2009

Merlin - Camerawork

2 shots are used at the beginning showing Arthur and the young boy, the two of them are nearly always shot together, this signifies they are associated together with a working relationship. The other knight, Knight Valient is prodominantly shot alone, this connotes his power and masculinity. The camera tracks whichever character is dominant in a scene if they are moving, this shows the audience who they should be focusing on. Shot reverse shot are used between Arthur Valient and the young boy Merlin, this shows the reaction and body language between them in conversation and shows the audience the relationships between them. The young boy stands behind Arthur, this connotes he is weaker, younger and needs protecting. In the 'magic' scene, the camera pans across the room, this give times for the audience to acknowledge the situation and emphasizes the use of magic in the scene. A long shot is used when the older male figure enters the room and the music stops, this signifies his power and authority over the young boy, a slightly low angle mid shot is used after on the older man again signifying his power and authority. A link to representation of age can be made here, because the older man has power over the younger boy.
A long shot, also high angle is used showing the big hall the characters are now in, this establishes the next venue, and shows the scene has moved on. Over the shoulder shots are used when Knight Valient and the King speak to each other. Shot reverse shot is used between Knight Valient and the main lady, this establishes the attraction between them as the audience can see their body language toward each other. After this scene the camera then shows a shot of the castle, this shows the audience the scene has changed yet again. The camera then tracks the young boy signifying his importance and focus. Close ups on the armour are used as the young boy prepares Arthur, this connotes the theme of action and violence and signifies the battle is going to follow soon after this scene. The scene changes and the camera tracks Arthur then to a long shot showing him and the crowd, this shows the reaction of the audience and the fact that he is a 'hero' to them.

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