Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Report on the Film Festival - Screening 7

Screening 7
It was great to see the different ideas that people had come up with. It really inspires you to think up new ideas for yourself. Seeing something can spark an idea off in your head, like it did with me. The other great thing was that it was a wide range of ages that were involved. We saw films made by all ages, from children in the early years of primary school, to people who had finished school. It was made obvious that your age has an impact on your ideas in the films, your language used, and things like music and colour. Younger children tended to use more bright colours, simple stories, childish music, sometimes that they had sung and recorded themselves. The films we saw made by young kids tended to be made from plasticine and paper or cartoons. It shows that it is a good way for them to be creative without acting and dancing. 
We were shown music videos, movies based on legends and tales, movies made to send a message about drugs and knives. They were used to communicate.
The best and most effective videos in screening 7 were the ones with a message. They came across in a really clever way. Music has a massive effect on your films, and we could tell that from what we watched. I personally thought that a couple of films stood out as not being as effective as others. One or two used very little music, which made it harder to get the mood despite the acting on screen; the music can build an emotion, and have a big effect on the audience watching. The films without music didn't have as much effect on me as the ones which did. I felt like I didn't get them as much, or understand them, they didn't make me feel emotional, or finish and be amazed at what I'd seen, which I did think from some but not all.
Another thing I learned was about time. A film lasting half a minute can be just as effective as a minute and a half. What matters is what you put into the amount of time you have.

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